You're a creative director or product manager ready to dazzle on a critical project, but there's a problem. Maybe you’re struggling to come up with a great headline or product name. Perhaps the layout isn’t quite right or the supplied photos are lifeless. It could be that the image colors are off, the production specs are too complicated, or you’re simply out of time and have to get the job done right… and right away. You could call in freelance copywriters, photographers, art directors, and production specialists, or you could call me. I do all of this at a level that rivals the best in the business.
My unusual skill set means more than just convenience, though. It means your text and visuals are developed together with a unified vision. It means copy edits, proofing, and retouching can be done on the fly. It means design and production are not separate steps, and I can handle an entire project from concept through completion with incredible efficiency. It means an unfair advantage for you!

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